The GreenProtein project has come to its end date. Back in 2016, it was identified that the EU28 imported 77% of the protein it required for food and feed. In this context, the GreenProtein project started with the objective of producing high-added value, food-grade and fully functional proteins mainly form sugar beet.

After more than 4 and a half years, the partners of the consortium have participated in the production of a wrap-up video of the GreenProtein project. Watch it now to learn all the details through the faces that made this project possible!


One of the key milestones of the event was the opening of the Demo Plant back in 2019. During the visit in October of 2019, attendees had the opportunity to better understand the functioning of the facility and its capacity. More than 90 people visited the demo plant, some of them representants from relevant organisations of the industry.


Over the duration of the project, GreenProtein has surpassed its overall goal of events. In total, the partners have presented GreenProtein in 37 online and offline events. Just to name a few, these are some of the events that the project attended:

Down below you can find some images and examples:


After more than 4 and a half years, GreenProtein has been proven to be a success case in different occasions, for example: