The GreenProtein project participated in an #EUPartnerEvent titled “Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU” organised by Innovarum. This event took place during the EU Green Week 2021, which main topic is Zero Pollution EU.

Following the main topic, GreenProtein presented the “Life Cycle Assessment of Rubisco Protein Production”, explaining the project’s contribution to reach the environmental goals of the EU. Prof. Dr. Dubravka Skunca was in this occasion the representative of the project.

During the presentation, attendees learnt about the sustainability of the RuBisCo protein and the overall environmental impact of the project:

“When Rubisco protein extraction and isolation from different raw materials is compared, the only crop that has lower environmental impact than sugar beet leaves are alfalfa crops.”

You can watch GreenProtein’s full presentation during the event in the video down below: