The ending  of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 have been very active for the GreenProtein Project! 

After the Opening of the DEMO Plant and the BBI JU Stakeholders Forum, on December 2019 Greenprotein participated in the Food Ingredients Europe Event in France. The project was represented by COSUN, the Project Coordinator, and benefited from great dissemination and networking opportunities.

Then, to start 2020, the Univerzitet UNION Nikola Tesla (Faculty of Business and Law) took the project to the IncluSilver Conference in Aarhus, Denmark that was organised during the 21-23 of January . 

Cosun at Food Ingredients Europe (France)

The Food Ingredients Event is one of the largest gatherings of food and beverage professionals in the world. It has been running since 1986 and on average it counts with around 500.000 attendants and representatives of the food ingredient industry. For example, this includes: food and beverage suppliers, research & development or production and marketing specialists.


IncluSilver Conference on Innovation

The IncluSilver Conference on innovation was the final event of the IncluSilver Project. The conference aimed to showcase innovative start-ups and SMEs from all over Europe with presentations by leading keynote speakers. Dubravka Skunca, from the Univerzitet UNION Nikola Tesla (Faculty of Business and Law) offered a presentation on the Life Cicle Assesment aproach of the GreenProtein project.


What is the “Life Cicle Assesment” of a project?

Life Cicle Assesment (or LCA, as it is commonly refered to) is an internationally standardised methodology. It is  denifed by the EU Commission as the framework for assessing the potential environmental impacts of a product currently available: pressures, benefits, trade-offs and areas for improvement.

An LCA study takes into account the full life-cycle of the product, has to be consistent, assure quality as well as reflect the actual industrial process chains. 

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