Royal Cosun is to strengthen its innovative power by investing more in start-ups. Its first acquisition is GreenProtein B.V., a technology start-up that has developed a process to extract high-added value proteins from green leaves.

GreenProtein B.V. of Wageningen, the Netherlands, has developed a process to extract RuBisCo, a high-value added protein, from green leaves such as sugar beet leaves. The protein can be used as a food ingredient.
The company will be positioned as part of Suiker Unie, which will also head the GreenProtein European collaborative project. “GreenProtein evidently complements our mission of maximising the value of all sugar beet components. It will also help meet the growing demand for vegetable proteins,” according to Paul Mesters, CEO of Suiker Unie.


*This news was originally published on Royal Cosun’s website. You can check it out here.