A study published by the European Commission on the protein crop sector reveals a remarkable decrease in protein crop production in the European Union in the past ten years. The main crops excluding soybeans decreased by 30%, and soybean production by 12%. This trend increases an already existing alarming dependence of the Union on the imports of protein crops, which are mainly used for animal feed and carries major risks especially for the EU livestock sector, as price volatility on international markets has substantially increased.

In this situation, it becomes increasingly vital that we develop new ways to obtain proteins. The following events bring together the latest innovations on the development of novel proteins and other high-value food ingredients.

The eight edition of the European Food Venture Forum will take place on 5-6 September in Aarhus, Denmark. The EFVF will offer a unique platform for food high-growth companies, technology corporations, and international investors to exchange knowledge and build lasting business co-operations.

The Netherlands will host in Ene, the Food Valley Summit on Proteins of the Future, on October 10th. This summit will explore how companies can profit from sustainable proteins that benefit the planet, with speakers focusing on innovation in the green proteins supply chain, from raw material production, to new product development, and on how to attract consumers towards more sustainable protein choices.

In October 22nd to 24th, the 11th Protein Summit 2018 will take place in Lille (France) . This 5-in-1 Summit will bring together Industry and Public Policy Leaders to discuss, build and shape the future protein strategies in close cooperation.

The upcoming Hi Europe and Ni 2018 is scheduled from the 27th to the 29th of November. Hi Europe is a biennial trade fair focused on health ingredients, functional and organic foods. The duo’s other half, Ni Europe is dedicated to natural ingredients. The 2018 edition will take place at Messe Frankfurt.


All of them are great opportunities to push forward the emerging sector of “green proteins”!


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