On the past 14th June, AINIA, one of the most prestigious Spanish technology centres with over 30 years of experience, organised an International Technical Workshop on Biorefinery of organic agri-food and urban waste.

Paulus Kosters, our project coordinator, was invited to be a speaker at the workshop. He did a very interesting presentation on RuBisCo protein and other compounds of interest from IV range salad by-products.

Our project partners Innovarum and Bionet were both sponsors of this event, whose aim was to share with the attendees the current panorama of organic waste biorefineries and to transfer the technological alternatives to convert this waste into new raw materials for the generation of value-added products.

The event, which was a huge success and gathered over 80 industry representatives, was a perfect opportunity to present the GreenProtein project, discuss about waste revalorisation and the project’s goals and progress. It also served as a space to meet and interact with similar projects and relevant stakeholders.



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